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Upholstery in the house can provide a soft, pleasant, and lovely area to sit or lie down, but once it gets dirty, it may no longer be as attractive, and you ought to do something to clean and restore it so that it can be enjoyed in the future. Unfortunately, many people do not conduct a study on upholstery cleaning and wind up making their upholstery appear worse or ruining it beyond repair.

To assist you in keeping your upholstered pieces clean, we have put together this checklist to avoid some frequent upholstery cleaning blunders.

Failure To Abide By The Furniture Manufacturers

This may seem obvious, but way too many people begin cleaning their upholstered furniture without first reading the instructions provided by the manufacturers. Most furniture comes with a small booklet explaining how to clean furniture upholstery. Of course, many people forget or lose the instruction booklet over time.

If the manufacturer’s instruction booklet can’t be found, look for a label sewn into the lining or at the bottom of the upholstery piece, this tag usually contains some cleaning tips.

The tag sometimes comes with an upholstery cleaning code; it’s easy to understand as it consists of some letters that stand for:

  • W: Indicates that water is safe to use.
  • S: Indicates that a dry cleaning solvent should be used.
  • WS: Indicates that both dry cleaning chemicals and water can be used.
  • X: Indicates that the material can only be vacuumed. For this, you may need to get the help of upholstery cleaning experts.

Following these tips will help you avoid damaging your furniture.

Cleaning Stains By Rubbing

Cleaning Stains

When cleaning upholstery, don’t rub the stained area with your hands, paper towel, or a cloth to remove stains, as this can cause the stain to bleed, especially if the upholstery is made up of synthetic or natural fabric.

Rather than rubbing, follow the following steps to remove the stain:

  • Dab the affected area with a dry microfiber cloth to absorb excess moisture or until the stain comes off.
  • Then wet it with a cleaning agent and blot the stain lightly with a dry cloth.
  • Spray clean water and dab with a clean cloth to remove cleaner residues.
  • Repeat the procedure until the stain is removed.

Vacuuming Inadequately

Vacuuming your upholstery furniture is among the best ways to keep it clean; this will help eliminate any dust or debris (like pet hair) that could get stuck on the fabric.

Multiple attachments come with the vacuum cleaner. So, using the proper upholstery attachment with the vacuum is essential.

The airflow attachment, for instance, which looks like a miniature version of the vacuum cleaner, generates airflow, while in use, to power the spinning brushes. It is gentler and smaller, making it easier to get into small and hidden spots, and it is excellent for removing fur from the entire piece as it brushes the couch surface while sucking in the dust.

Utilizing Products Before Testing

Clorox Cleaner

Do not make the classic mistake of using cleaning products without knowing how to use the upholstery cleaner or first testing them. Professional cleaners at Cactus Carpet Care always test the cleaning solution on an inconspicuous area to ensure that it doesn’t discolor or damage the upholstery; this is necessary to protect the appearance, integrity, and shelf life of your upholstered items and save you money on restoration.

Using Excessive Water

For water-cleanable upholstery, you can do much of the cleaning yourself, but individuals tend to use water in much more quantity than recommended, making it challenging to dry properly. You want to utilize as little water as possible and also ensure that the water doesn’t seep into the cushion’s foam.

Before cleaning, it is essential to remove the covers and cushions (as most couches have removable cushions).

If you want clean upholstery and want to avoid using water, steam cleaning is an excellent method, but you will have to rent a steamer which can be challenging. It’s recommended that you hire professionals to ensure you get the best results from steam cleaning.

Professional upholstery cleaning in Surrey won’t be any more expensive than renting a steamer. A professional will do a much better and more thorough job, resulting in better-looking and longer-lasting furniture.


Cleaning upholstered furniture does not have to be difficult, but there are some things you should avoid if you want to keep your investment looking good for years to come. Always use an approved upholstery cleaner rather than spot treatments, use small quantities of soap and water when cleaning upholstery, and vacuum regularly with the proper settings—doing so will help ensure that your furniture looks great for years to come!

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