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Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning Services in Burnaby, BC

Furniture isn’t a cheap thing that you can replace every year. Moreover, you must have spent so much time and effort in choosing the right color and design for your interiors. It is not very uncommon to see the pretty sky blue upholstery turn muddy and grey within a year.

Trying to remove all the dirt and stains by yourself is a rather difficult task when you don’t have the right materials, equipment and most importantly experience. This is why you should leave this job to us.

Cactus Carpet Care provides high quality furniture and upholstery cleaning Burnaby service. We have seen all kinds of tough stains and have mastered the art of removing those without harming the fabric of your upholstery.

We also make sure to eliminate the germs and bacteria that were accumulated on your upholstery over time. The outcome of our service will always be clean and hygienic furniture.

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and leave no room for complaints. Get in touch with us to schedule our service in Burnaby BC.

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Upholstery Regularly?

Anything that is maintained regularly will remain in its original state for a longer period of time. This is precisely why we should indulge in regular upholstery cleaning to keep your favorite furniture in good condition for years.

Another important reason is your health. Bacteria, pathogens and allergens are usually found on unclean upholstery. If you don’t clean them up quickly they will soon multiply and can cause you and your family serious health problems. So to avoid this it is very vital that you get your upholstery cleaned regularly.

A very unknown fact is that there is padding beneath the fabric of your furniture that absorbs any liquid you might spill. Despite the fact that the spilled liquid appears to have been cleaned up from the outside, it is most likely stuck inside the furniture. Only a professional cleaning service like ours is capable of cleaning your furniture properly from inside and outside.

High-Quality Furniture Cleaning in Burnaby, BC

Furniture and upholstery are made in such a way that it gives you utmost comfort. A harsh cleaning process using low quality materials can soon fade away the shine and comfort of your furniture.

Cactus Carpet Care provides high quality furniture cleaning Burnaby service that cleans the furniture effectively without sacrificing the comfort that it provides.

What we do is, simply use the best quality materials and equipment to clean your furniture. When our experts are cleaning the furniture they are also continuously monitoring the process to see if there is any issue with the current process.

Giving you clean and bright furniture that looks exactly like it was made in the first place is our promise.

Get in touch with us to book our high quality furniture cleaning service in Burnaby.

Upholstery Cleaning Services in Burnaby – The Process

Would you like to learn more about how our upholstery cleaners Burnaby BC deliver the best service? Let us brief you on our process.

We begin by inspecting the fabric and material of your furniture and upholstery thoroughly. Based on their assessment, our specialists choose the most appropriate and safe approach for achieving the finest results without causing any harm to your upholstery.

Depending on whatever technique our specialists believe is the most ideal, the cleaning process may differ. However, applying fabric conditioners and subsequently removing dirt with the latest technology are two standard procedures.

If there are any stains remaining after the initial cleaning process, our professionals will use their expertise to remove them.

Finally, we use fabric protectors to ensure that your upholstery lasts a long time.

Our professionals will keep and eye on the condition of fabric throughout the procedure to ensure the best outcomes and eliminate any potential for complaints.

Sofa & Couch Cleaning Services in Burnaby

The sofa and couch steal the most attention in any room. It’ll be so sad if your guests give a disgusting look to your pretty couch. Let your sofa and couch shine brightly stealing everyone’s attention. We are here to help.

We provide a high-quality sofa and couch cleaning Burnaby service that will leave you with a thoroughly clean and hygienic sofa.

Our experienced staff will make sure not to cause any harm to the fabric of your couch using the best quality materials. We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction with our service in Burnaby.

Get in touch with us now to schedule our sofa and couch cleaning service in Burnaby.

We offer furniture upholstery cleaning services in Vancouver, Richmond, Coquitlam, Langley

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