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Upholstery & Furniture Cleaning Richmond, BC

After going through so much trouble in finding a good interior designer and pouring all your creativity into your interiors, imagine all of that furniture and upholstery losing its color, texture and shine after some years. What a waste!

Don’t let your efforts go to waste. Get in touch with Cactus Carpet Care and bring your shabby furniture and upholstery back to life.

A professional service can do miracles that you cannot on your own. The trick behind our miracles is our experience, modern equipment, and the efforts to show you results that are beyond your expectations.

We make sure that your upholstery looks brand new and is also completely hygienic. After all your health comes first.

Elevate the look of your room with clean and hygienic furniture and upholstery. Get in touch with us now to schedule our furniture and upholstery cleaning Richmond service.

Why Do You Need To Clean Your Upholstery Regularly?

There are two main reasons why you need to schedule our upholstery cleaning Richmond BC service regularly. The first is to maintain your upholstery in good condition for a longer time and the second is to take care of your family’s health.

Did you know that bacteria, pathogens and allergens love dirty upholstery? They can multiply to such a degree that it can cause serious health problems. Moreover, cleaning upholstery also facilitates the circulation of clean air.

Underneath the fabric of your upholstery, there is cushioning that is able to absorb any liquid you might spill. Even though the spilled liquid appears to have been cleared from the outside, it is likely trapped in the furniture. Only a professional cleaning service is able to clean the upholstery from inside and outside.

You can maintain the texture and color of your upholstery if they are maintained properly regularly. This maintenance is definitely cheaper than replacing the whole upholstery after only a few years of use.

High-Quality Furniture Cleaning in Richmond

Do not settle for low quality cleaning services. It will not eliminate the bacteria completely nor will it give you the best look. We provide high quality furniture cleaning Richmond service. Our customers vouch for the quality of our service.

Our experience has taught us how to remove all stains, dirt and germs from any furniture. It is based on this knowledge that we guarantee premium quality service with complete customer satisfaction and no room for complaints.

The materials and equipment that we use are also of the latest and best quality. It will keep the fibers of your upholstery fabric intact and in good condition.

Contact us to book our high quality upholstery cleaning service in Richmond.

Upholstery Cleaning Richmond– The Process

If you are interested in knowing more about how our upholstery cleaners Richmond BC provide the highest quality service. Here’s how it is done.

We start with a thorough inspection of the fabric and material of your furniture and upholstery. Based on their inspection our experts decide on the most suitable and safe procedure to attain the best results without causing any damage to your upholstery.

The actual cleaning process may vary depending on the procedure our experts think is the best fit. But some common steps include applying fabric conditioner and then extracting dirt using the latest equipment.

If there are some stains that still remain after this our experts will do their magic to clean those stains.

Lastly, we use some fabric protectors to keep your upholstery in good condition for a long time.

Throughout the process our experts will inspect the fabric to achieve the best results, leaving no chance for complaints.

Sofa & Couch Cleaning Richmond

The sofa or couch is the center of attention of your living room. It contributes a lot to the interior of your home. However, it isn’t very uncommon that your pretty beige sofa soon turns into a muddy grey one. It is not just the color but also houses a lot of bacteria and allergens.

It seems you have already solved this problem since you are here. We are a reputed company that has been providing high quality sofa and couch cleaning Richmond service consistently for the past few years.

Our experience has given us expertise in sofa and couch cleaning. We can bring the original color of your couch back and also make it absolutely germ free and safe.

Get in touch with us and schedule a couch and sofa cleaning Richmond service now.

We offer furniture upholstery cleaning services in Vancouver, Burnaby, Coquitlam, Langley

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