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Tiles have become a very common element in our daily life which you use on your sink counter, kitchen counter, floors, walls, and walkways. Usage of tiles is more because of its cheaper upfront cost and range of varieties it provides.

Although floor tiles require relatively low maintenance, they still require safe and proper cleaning.

There are different cleaning methods and solutions for different kinds of tiles, so if you want to get a brand new look from your tiles call Cactus Carpet Care as we are coquitlam’s tile and cleaning specialist that provides first-class customer service when it comes to professional cleaning and maintenance cleaning for tile and grout cleaning, carpet cleaning, and other cleaning services

Coquitlam’s Tile & Grout Cleaning Specialists

Different kinds of tiles require different cleaning solutions such as:
Porcelain tiles 
It is a clay-based tile that has an extremely low water absorption rate therefore as it is porous. It, therefore, requires more water to clean and deal with. You need to clean it with warm water and detergent only once a while otherwise brushing with normal water also works. Use chemicals only in case of stubborn stain.

Ceramic tiles
It is also a clay-based tile but is less brittle or porous than porcelain, therefore it is easier to clean than porcelain tiles and requires minimal water for cleaning purposes.

Quarry tiles
This kind of tile is made from ground minerals and formed the same way a brick is made. It is a hard and non-porous tile that resists water. It does not has glazed property like porcelain and ceramics, but is easy to clean.

There are many other kinds of tiles we expertise cleaning in. We have been in the business for a long and we have acquired knowledge and experience over time dealing with tile cleaning and grout cleaning. When we inspect your house we know what kind of tile you have and what kind of solution and cleaning tools it will require.

What to Expect

Vacuuming to clean and extract dust, soil, or, other elements from your tiles to ensure an easy cleaning procedure.
Mopping with an appropriate tile cleaning solution or a neutral solution so it doesn’t harm your tiles and grout.
Steam Cleaning
Steam cleaning ensures that all the dirt trapped in cracks between your tiles is cleaned
After cleaning let the area be affected dry using air or an electric fan.

Tile And Grout Cleaning Process

Preliminary Inspection
At first, a professional will inspect to see what areas have a stubborn stain, areas with damaged tile or grout, and which area is heavily soiled and require special attention.

Professional cleaning solutions and tools
Then the professional will analyze the appropriate cleaning solution and cleaning tool for your tiles. There can be several kinds of tools such as pressure washer, vacuum cleaner, roto cleaner, brush, etc, depending upon the kind of tool required for your tiles.

Pre-treat spot stain
If there are some heavily soiled spots or spots that have extreme stubborn stains, a professional will pre-treat the spot stain with the special cleaning solution formed by experts. We do not use harsh chemicals as they may harm you and your tiles, your health is our top priority.

Coat Sealant
After cleaning the spot stains and tiles, when requested we apply coat sealant to ensure shiness and newness last long. It also acts as a protective layer that saves you from future spills and strengthens the grout binding.

Post cleaning instruction
We suggest you not walk for at least three hours on the freshly cleaned floor and let it dry also give sealant time to settle for 24 hrs which means no liquid on tile or possible scratch. You can put your furniture, and carpet after 24 hours of applying sealant.

Benefits of professional Tile And Grout cleaning

  • Restores the shine and beauty of your old tiles and grout and make them look brand new.
  • Enhances the look of your home, a perfectly cleaned tile, and grout will add more value to your house.
  • Removes stubborn stains, professionals with their perfect cleaning solutions and tools can remove easily the stubborn stains.
  • Provides you with high-quality cleaning as professional cleaners will use the best cleaning solution with the latest technology tools to clean your tiles.
  • Increases the life span of tiles and grout because tiles when left uncleaned for long leaves stains and dirty tiles and in some cases hairline cracks.
  • Saves time because professionals are specialized and well trained and efficient in cleaning
  • Cost-efficient as regular cleaning and maintenance saves you from discolored, stained, and damaged tiles, therefore, saving you from future expenses of purchasing new tiles for your whole house.
  • Saves you from future spills post clear coat sealment that saves ensures no staining, no discoloration, no cracking of tiles and grout keeping your grout sealed, and acting like a protective layer.
  • Healthy and safe home by deep cleaning your house making it dust-free and germ-free by getting rid of bacteria, dust, mold, fungi, etc.
    We at Cactus Carpet Cleaning want what is best for our customers, and their health and value their money. We will give you maximum utilization of your money by providing the best coquitlam tile cleaning services at a very reasonable price.

    Things to avoid before cleaning Tiles and Grouts

    Following Home remedies
    With the internet, you can buffer hundreds of videos on D-I-Y or do it on your knowledge, about tile cleaning and grout cleaning. One of the trendiest D-I-Y of interest at this moment is using baking soda with vinegar and vinegar with dish detergent.

    This solution might completely work for mirrors, phone screens, and glass tables, but it is not an ideal solution for tiles and grout cleaning.

    Vinegar is acidic which might cause your grout to Detroit and give away the cement leading your tiles to loosen up.

    Scrubbing the tiled areas with bleach or ammonia products
    We highly recommend you to not use bleach or ammonia products on your tile and grout for cleaning purposes. It will discolor your tiles and damage your grout causing you to loosen up the tiles.

    You should use something that is more alkaline based or ph-balanced solution or better calls a professional cleaner for tile grout cleaning.

    Abrasive tool
    Abrasive materials and tools such as steel wool, scouring pad, or brush should be avoided in tile and grout cleaning.

    It is a myth that you need to have tough abrading tools for cleaning purposes. A scouring tool will only cause more damage to you than do any good. Such tools can scour the tile and cause damage to the grout.

    Colored cleaners
    If you have white tiles or unglazed tiles, we suggest you do not use colored cleaners.

    Colored cleaners may color or stain your tiles which will look unpleasing. We advise against colorful cleaners for those of you who have unglazed tiles, that is, tiles that are not coated with a glossy surface. Your tiles may be scratch resistant but not stain resistant.

    Oil-based or Wax-based cleaners
    We suggest you not use oil-based cleaner or wax-based cleaner as they leave a residue on your tile and grout that may attract dirt, resulting in yellow stains that are unpleasant. The more you will clean the dirtier your tiles are going the get.

We offer tiles grout cleaning services in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Langley

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