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Tiles and Grout Cleaning Services in Richmond, BC

We have all been there, trying different DIYs to clean the tiles and grout. These DIY methods will ask you to use a toothbrush, toothpaste, coke and whatnot. But did we ever get those sparkling tiles after trying these methods? And is your back alright?

Don’t break your bones trying to get your tiles clean. Just give Cactus Carpet Care a call and you’ll see dazzling results in no time.

We are a team of experienced cleaners. We have seen all kinds of stains including the most stubborn ones. Our techniques and modern equipment that we use make it easy for us to give you the best possible results.

We are in constant contact with the floor. Every day we walk, dance, cook, play with our pets and almost everything we do, we do it while we stand on the floor. Maintaining its hygiene should always be your first priority. Especially if you have kids, then you should probably consider professional tile and grout cleaning regularly. Moreover, in damp areas, the chances of mildew and mold formation are very high.

We don’t just stop at making your tiles clean but we also make the floor hygienic and germ free. We provide exceptional tile and grout cleaning services in Richmond. Our staff is friendly and we take every measure to give you a shiny and hygienic floor.

We offer excellent customer service before, during and after the cleaning project. Our experts are always ready to help you out. We leave no room for complaints but in case you face any issue you can call us anytime and the next moment our expert team will take action.

We take up all sizes of projects, no job is too big or too small for us. We also deal with a variety of tiles so no matter what color or type of tile your floor is made of, we can revive it to its original state.

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction and spotless floors. Get in touch with us for tile and grout cleaning Richmond. Free quotation available.

Richmond’s Tile & Grout Cleaning Specialists

Tile cleaning will cost you a lot of time, detergent and backache. Over time your tiles get discolored due to the dirt and dust constantly accumulating on them. Grouts can become impossible to clean thoroughly.

Grouts were designed to avoid dirt and dust from accumulating in between the tiles. But the material used for grouts is porous and hence the dirt gets trapped in the grout region.

Moreover, in damp areas like the bathroom and kitchen, there are chances of mildew growing on the tiles.

A difficult job like this calls for a specialist, an experienced expert like us. For any tile cleaning Richmond needs you can certainly rely on us.

You will see a very visible difference between your DIY efforts to clean tiles and our specialist techniques. Over the years we had to deal with some very tough stains and through our experience, we have developed special techniques to give you the best results. Our experience is reinforced by modern devices, increasing the speed and efficiency of our work.

Our secret solution is a mixture of detergent, baking soda and hydrogen peroxide. This solution has given all our clients the best results and they are very satisfied with our service. It is not just this mixture that does the job but also the methods used.

We specialize in all tiles including colored and designer tiles. Contact us to book our tile and grout cleaning Richmond BC service.

What to Expect

We promise absolute convenience while using our service. Many customers in Richmond have experienced this and are absolutely delighted by our service.

When you get on a call with us we make sure all your doubts and questions are answered. Once the service is booked you will have to prepare the house by moving all the furniture on the floor. Our team will give you all the pre-cleaning instructions and tips so don’t worry about it.

Our professional team will reach your location at the requested time with all the necessary equipment and materials.

Now you can sit back and relax while our expert team does its magic. Throughout the process, we will not cause you any inconvenience.

Once we are done all you will see is a dazzling floor, so shiny and clean that you will want to walk on it barefoot. Our experts will guide you on some post-cleaning instructions so that you are able to keep the tiles shiny and clean for a long time.

In a nutshell, if you want to know what you can expect from our service it is- convenience, efficiency and a sparkling floor.

Tile And Grout Cleaning Process

Curious about our tile and grout cleaning process? We follow a simple process to ensure the best results.


We start with a thorough analysis of the place. The methods used for different types of tiles are different which is why we have to first analyze these things. Once we have enough information our experts decide how to proceed further.


The cleaning process will start with usual vacuuming to remove the dust on the surface. The next steps will vary according to the type of tile. Some common methods of cleaning are hot water, brushing, using the solution of detergent, hydrogen peroxide and baking soda, using pressure water, etc. This process can be done manually or by using machines based on the size of the room.


After your room has been cleaned thoroughly we seal it with a membrane coating to keep it safe for a longer time. Additionally, our experts will give you their pro tips on keeping the tiles in good condition.

Customer service

Even after our cleaning is done you can call us for any doubts or issues you may have. Any feedback you would like to give, we are all ears.

Why choose us?

Our customers are better advocates of our service. They can tell you all the good reasons for choosing our tile cleaning Richmond service. What we bring to the table is absolute perfection, convenience and fast service.

Professional cleaning

There is a clear difference between a professional cleaning service and you doing it yourself. We provide quality cleaning services to get the best possible results.

Experienced staff 

Our staff is the backbone of our company. They have immense experience and knowledge to use the right techniques that are suitable for your tiles.

Fast service

With proper planning, our expert team can give you a sparkling floor in no time. Moreover, all our staff is equipped with the latest devices that make the cleaning process fast and efficient.

Customized solutions 

Since the size of the room and the type of tile used are always different for different customers, we do not use a one size fits all method. All our services are personalized to your specific needs and requirements.


We won’t cost you the earth. You can enjoy our convenient and excellent service at a reasonable price.

Excellent Customer service

Our customer service team will do its best to help you out before, during and after the cleaning project. You can contact us without hesitation regarding any doubt or question that you may have. We are ready to help.

Contact us now to get a free quote for our tile and grout cleaning Richmond service.

About Richmond

Citizens of Richmond are too busy to clean the tiles and grout regularly. This is where we can help. Our professional tile and grout cleaning service is highly reputed in Richmond city. It is safe to say that we are the best cleaning service in the city.

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