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A stained mattress looks unpleasant and most certainly smells awful. To have a good night’s sleep you also need a nice, clean and fresh mattress. Replacing one can be too expensive, cleaning on the other hand is a more feasible option.

Mattress cleaning can be tough as a lot of sweat and oil from our body gets trapped in it. This is what makes your mattress go from a bright white color to a pale yellow. Hiring a  professional service would be the best decision you could make.

Cactus Carpet Care provides exceptional mattress cleaning Burnaby service that will give you the most hygienic and bright mattresses. Our experienced staff uses high quality materials and the latest equipment to achieve the best results without causing any damage to the fabric.

Have a good night’s sleep on a perfectly clean mattress. Get in touch with us to schedule our service.

Why Clean Mattresses

It is suggested that you take a bath before sleeping to remove all the dirt, dust and sweat accumulated throughout the day. But is there any point in doing this if you are sleeping on an unclean mattress?

Your mattress can trap a lot of our body oils, sweat and dirt while we are sleeping. Moreover, stains on food and drinks are very common. Bloating can remove the stain from the surface but the moisture can seep into the mattress causing molds and mildew.

Mattresses are also quite expensive. Cleaning them regularly is way more pocket friendly than replacing them every time they turn yellow.

Moreover, if you leave the job of cleaning to us we will make sure that the quality of your mattress does not deteriorate for years to come.

When To Clean Your Mattresses?

To keep your mattress in good condition for many years we recommend that you clean your mattress after every 6 months. Any more than this will give bacteria and allergens full freedom to multiply. Moreover, the awful smell will definitely ruin your sleep.

If you have spilled anything on it we suggest you clean your mattress immediately.

Our service is reasonably priced making it easy for you to book our service for regular cleaning.

Get in touch with us for high quality and affordable mattress cleaning Burnaby BC service.

Professional Cleaning Of Your Mattress in Burnaby

There is a huge difference between the outcomes of a professional mattress cleaning service and doing it yourself. We have dealt with many kinds of mattresses and many tough stains in our years of experience. We can clean your mattress thoroughly without hampering the comfort and color of your mattress.

The sweat and oil trapped inside the mattress are not easy to remove. We employ customized techniques that are most suitable for the type of mattress you own. Moreover, we equip our staff with the latest equipment that is sure to give the best outcomes.

Moreover, it is not easy to remove the bacteria and harmful allergens completely from your mattress. We promise a fresh and clean mattress that is absolutely safe for you and your family.

Get in touch with us and book our mattress cleaning service in Burnaby.

Mold And Odour Removal – Additional Benefits Of Mattress Cleaning

The stain of spilled wine may be removed from the surface, but what about the wetness that has crept inside? When we sleep, our body sweat seeps inside, creating the perfect environment for mold to grow and release a terrible smell.

We use our special methods to eliminate these foul smells and mold formation giving you a fresh and clean mattress to sleep on.

Do not let the foul smell of your mattress destroy your 8-hour sleep. Get in touch with us and schedule our professional mattress cleaning service in Burnaby.

We offer mattress stain removal services in Vancouver, Richmond, Coquitlam, Langley

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