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Do you know what is lurking in your mattress? Soil, dust mites, bed bugs, saliva, sweat, tears, dead skin cells, and what not? Feeling gross? Well, your mattress may look in perfect condition and may give you soundless sleep, but it is prone to get stained, dirty, and get attacked by an army of bacteria and viruses.

Mattress cleaning is the most ignored aspect of house cleaning. People spend hours and huge money on household cleaning, but mattress cleaning falls off their priority list.

At Clean Carpet Care, we provide mattress cleaning that can make your mattress squeaky clean with no stains and dirty spots. Our cleaners always ensure that all the dead skin flakes that humans shed and all the fleas and ticks that jump from your pet’s fur are completely removed.

Why Clean Mattresses

Cleaning the mattress matters a lot because-

Your health matters-When you jump on your bed, a lot of dust may come up which, if breathed, can make you cough and sneeze. The tiny creatures taking shelter in your mattress sneak out during the night time and their bites may cause severe skin allergies. That’s why you need to get mattresses cleaned.

Your sleep matters-Cleaner the mattress, the better will be the sleep. A clean and tidy mattress improves sleep quality and ensures that you’ve less interaction with dust and allergies.

Your money matters-Mattresses are expensive. They’ve got a limited lifespan and may deteriorate early if not taken care of properly. However, through regular mattress cleaning, you can increase your mattress life, and avoid buying a new one frequently.

When To Clean Your Mattresses?

Generally, it’s recommended that you must clean your mattress every six months. However, cleaning also depends on how well your mattress is kept. If some food or drink spills over it, you may need a cleaning service immediately. Also, if your six months old baby pees on it and your pet shed dander, you should not wait until tomorrow.

There is no fixed day or time to get your mattress cleaned. You can get it anytime you want, based on your need.

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Professional Cleaning Of Your Mattress in langley

We spend a great deal of time on our beds. We sleep, we eat, we play, and we read on our soft mattresses. Our mattress may collect dust over time and become a home for microscopic creatures. The tough stains on the mattress are no doubt a sore to the eyes. Cleaning a mattress is a challenging job and cannot be done at home. This is why you need professional cleaning services.

By hiring professionals like us, you can get any mattress clean conveniently. It offers numerous benefits like-

Dust removal

  • Fighting against dust mite infestation and getting rid of unwanted bed guests
  • Quick and easy stain removal
  • Improves quality and quantity of sleep
  • Kill harmful allergens and reduces severe allergic reactions
  • Offers convenience and peace of mind through just in time support
  • Extend the life of your mattress


The mattress stain removal, Langley is done by our professionals using non-toxic cleaning products.

Mold And Odour Removal – Additional Benefits Of Mattress Cleaning

Covering your mattress with a fine and colorful bedsheet may hide those irritating stains, but how can you suppress that unpleasant odor and get rid of disgusting molds?

The all-in-one solution to all your mattress problems is- mattress cleaning at Clean Carpet Care.

Our mattress cleaning services can help you maintain your mattress in a clean and hygienic condition. By removing the odors, you can be carefree and offer a good sleeping surface to the guests. Also, mold removal ensures that your family’s health is at no risk.

Aside from mattress cleaning, we also offer carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, and furniture cleaning in North Langley and West Langley.

We offer mattress stain removal services in Vancouver, Richmond, Burnaby, Coquitlam

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