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Tiles add a unique dimension to your home and illuminate the space. Gone are the days when tiles were just used in bathrooms or kitchens. Today, tiles are available in so many different alluring colors, artsy patterns, fancy designs, and abundant materials like ceramic and porcelain that they are used in living rooms and bedrooms as well. They tend to uplift the magnificence of your space and catch the eyes of spectators. They’re water-resistant, convenient to clean, and don’t get stains or scratches easily.

Tiles and grout hold the beauty of your space together. The grout is a filler made from sand, cement, and water that holds the tiles together. It’s simply like glue that makes tiles stick to the ground or on the wall.

Tile cleaning and grout cleaning may seem like an easy peasy process, but it is not.

Tiles are prone to catching dust and dirt which makes the tiles lose their natural gloss. Due to the presence of oil and moisture in bathrooms and kitchens, tiles accumulate grease that is hard to remove using household detergent and water. Scrubbing tiles hardly can wear out the grout filling and hence damage your tiles.

In that case, you should delegate this work to experts who are the best at it. Cactus Carpet Care offers the finest and qualitative tile and grout cleaning, Vancouver. We know the exact formula for cleaning grout lines, grout surfaces, and stained and dirty tiles.

Vancouver’s Tile & Grout Cleaning Specialists

No matter how much you love house cleaning, cleaning tiles placed in different spaces of your house can be challenging. And even if you clean it, remember, a bar of soap, water, and regular mopping won’t be effective against stain removal.

Cleaning tiles and grout surfaces can be distressing. The bacteria, dust, mold, and dirt penetrate deep into grout lines that cannot be removed using a brush or wet cloth. Excessive scrubbing can remove all the grout filling and you might even need to replace your tiles. Your bathroom and kitchen tiles need a tad more attention. Mucky and oily floor tiles can make you fall and cause severe injuries.

Your time, back, and knees are worth the cost of having a tile and grout cleaning specialist. We’re No.1 when it comes to tile cleaning Vancouver, BC. Our cleaning specialists are highly skilled and experienced and do their job diligently.

Through professional cleaning services, you can ensure that your tiles are well maintained, safe to sit and walk and look fabulous all the time.

Our specialists know which tile will need which cleaning solution to remove stubborn stains. Ceramic and porcelain tiles are durable and easy to clean, but travertine, limestone, or marble tiles have completely different cleaning requirements. Acidic cleaning solutions or stiff-bristled brushes could scratch your expensive tiles.

What to Expect

Your tiles are expensive and hence, you should do everything to maintain them and ensure their longevity. They are an integral part of your home decor and can be visually delightful for your guests or visitors.

When it comes to grout and tiles cleaning or simply a maintenance cleaning from a professional tile cleaning Vancouver, you can expect the following things from the process.

  • An assessment of your tile material and the kind of stains it has.
  • Identifying the damaged tiles and grouts.
  • The use of non-abrasive cleaning solutions and products ensures that your high-quality tile doesn’t lose its texture and finish.
  • Value for money services that promise first-class customer service.
  • Timely cleaning without compromising on quality.

We can assure you of fulfilling your expectations and giving a whole new look to your grimy tiles. With us, tiles cleaning Vancouver has become a lot easier and stress-free. You can read our testimonials to know more about the kind of service we deliver.

Tile And Grout Cleaning Process

Be it your floor tiles or wall tiles, preventing stains or dirt from sticking onto them is impossible. Your little kid might spill ink, coffee, or juice on tiles leading to dirty spots and filthy smells in the hall. There can also be a situation where you might accidentally spill nail polish on your quarry tile in the dressing room or a bottle of vinegar might slip from your hand in the kitchen. Imagine how bad it looks to the guests who are planning to visit your home.

In your bathroom, there are tiled areas like showers and in and around basins and faucets where hard water stains can build up over time, creating a filmy unpleasant residue on the tile surface. Also, rust stains may develop in areas when metal items on the tile surface come into contact with moisture.

At Cactus Carpet Care, we’ve created a unique cleaning solution containing hydrogen peroxide, baking soda, and detergent to restore the beauty and shine of your tiles. Our tile and grout cleaning process guarantees deep cleaning in just one service.

Hydrogen peroxide is an effective way to clean tiles. It kills germs, bacteria, and molds in the grout tiles, removes the toughest stain, and gently cleans the surface. The corrosive property of baking soda combined with the power of detergent help clean dirt and grime accumulated on your tiles. Our unique and professional tile cleaning formula doesn’t lead to fading or corrosion of your tiles.

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Why you should hire professionals for tile and grout cleaning services

You may be a person who just loves to clean, but handling everything on your own is not possible. You may dust your cabinets, clean windows, and mop floors, but few things can give you a severe headache or backache. Tile and grout cleaning is one among those.

Tile and grout cleaning is a daunting task. A wet wipe or detergent solution is not enough to treat your discolored tiles. Usage of harsh chemical-based tile cleaners can weaken the grout lines and steal the shine of your tiles and may even cause severe allergies to you. If you scrub them with great force, the grout filling may come out and leave permanent scratches on your expensive tiles. The new gaps created between your tiles due to excessive scrubbing are a perfect place for mites, molds, and insects to hide. This makes your home unsafe and unhygienic and can pose health risks to your family. Regular mopping of the tiles is not sufficient to get rid of thick layers of grime, and soil.

You will need a professional to clean tiles and grout effectively. Hiring professional tile cleaning, Vancouver can offer you high-quality tile cleaning with the following benefits.

  • They have professional equipment and cleaning solutions to clean tiles and delicate grouts.
  • They deep clean tiled areas like the kitchen, and bathroom.
  • They save your time and do all the cleaning quickly.
  • They help you maintain tiles and ensure they shine and last longer.
  • They help in removing mold growth, stubborn stains, and dirt from your tiles.

The best part is that you don’t have to worry about cleaning the mess after the cleaning is finished. With us by your side, you can sit back, relax and enjoy. We’ll take care of everything.

Best tile and grout cleaning services

At Cactus Carpet, we provide premium tiles and grout cleaning services that will leave no room for complaints. Our cleaning experts do their job diligently and use the best technique to clean grimy and stained tiles.

We guarantee 100% customer satisfaction. We’ve got the right tools and products to clean your tiles and restore their lustre. With regular tile and grout cleaning, you can increase the life of your tiles.

So if you’re looking for tiles and grout cleaning, look no further! Call us today and book your cleaning appointment.

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