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How Often Should You Clean Your Carpet?

Cleaning your carpet is essential to maintaining a healthy home or business environment. It reduces allergens and dust and provides you with the peace of mind that comes with knowing your carpets are looking their best. But how often should you be cleaning your carpets? It’s not a question with a one-size-fits-all answer – in this blog post, we’ll look at factors that can affect the frequency of carpet cleaning, the overall benefits, and more.

Benefits of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is a crucial task that promotes the overall appearance of your space and has numerous health benefits. Regular cleaning of carpets helps preserve the carpet’s quality and functionality. Dirty and neglected carpets create a breeding ground for allergens and bacteria, which can cause respiratory problems and allergies. This can harm the health of your family members, employees, and the general public.

Your carpet’s life depends on the cleaning, as it removes dirt and debris that often cause wear and tear on the fibres. This ensures that your carpets remain aesthetically pleasing and saves you money in the long run, as you won’t need to replace them as frequently. Additionally, carpet fibres tend to trap foul odours over time—spills, pet accidents, and general use commonly cause this. Carpet cleaning effectively removes these odours, giving your home or business a fresher and more inviting scent.

While you can do regular maintenance, getting a professional carpet cleaning in Surrey has many benefits. Professional carpet cleaners have access to powerful equipment like steam cleaners and professional cleaning solutions, making achieving a higher level of cleanliness possible. They are also skilled in removing dirt, unsightly stains, stubborn stains, and lingering odours that don’t budge. Getting carpets cleaned professionally ensures that your carpets are left looking and smelling their best.

Factors Affecting How Often You Should Clean Your Carpet

When it comes to cleaning your carpet, a variety of factors play a role in how often you should do so. Whether you are a homeowner or have a commercial space, understanding these factors can help keep your carpets in the best possible condition. Below, we list five factors affecting how frequently you should clean your carpet.


If you have children in your household, chances are your carpets are exposed to a fair amount of wear and tear. From spills to grime to foot traffic, your carpets will likely need more regular and deep cleaning just to keep them looking and smelling fresh. Likewise, if your children suffer from allergies or asthma, you may need to clean your carpets more often to reduce the amount of dust and allergens in the air.


Pets can also have a significant impact on the cleanliness of your carpets. For example, if you have pets that shed, you may need to vacuum more frequently to keep the hair and dander under control. Additionally, pets with accidents on your carpets can leave behind odour and stains that must be addressed promptly. As pet owners, you may need to clean your carpets more frequently to maintain a hygienic living or working environment. Moreover, getting the carpet professionally cleaned at regular intervals is also highly recommended in this scenario.

 Carpet Color

The colour of your carpet can also impact how often you should clean it. Light carpets, for example, tend to show stains and discoloration more quickly than darker colours, so you may need to deep clean them more frequently to keep them looking fresh. Additionally, high-traffic areas that see more foot traffic are likely to show wear and dirt more quickly, leading to more frequent cleaning sessions.


If someone in your household or office suffers from allergies, regular carpet cleaning can help to reduce the amount of allergens in the air. Dust, pollen, and pet dander can all accumulate in carpets over time, leading to discomfort and allergies. By cleaning your carpets frequently, you can help to keep these allergens under control and improve the overall air quality of your space.

 Carpet Warranty

Lastly, the carpet warranty is another essential consideration affecting the cleaning frequency. Some carpet manufacturers have strict cleaning guidelines to maintain the product’s warranty. For instance, some warranties require cleaning your carpet every six months to continue enjoying the warranty. Therefore, it is crucial to check the warranty terms and conditions before deciding on boards with getting your carpets cleaned.

 Mistakes You Should Avoid While Carpet Cleaning

Skipping the Vacuuming: Before you begin cleaning your carpets, it’s important to vacuum them thoroughly. Skipping the vacuum regularly can cause dirt and debris to get pushed deeper into the carpet fibres, making them harder to remove. Investing in a high-quality vacuum cleaner is necessary to extend your carpet’s life.

Overwetting the Carpets: Using too much water or cleaning solution can cause damage to your carpets and create unpleasant odours. Following the carpet manufacturer’s instructions when cleaning your carpets is essential to avoid this mistake.

Not Testing Cleaning Products: Before using any cleaning product like shampoo, carpet products etc., it’s crucial first to test it on a small, inconspicuous area. This will help you to avoid any potentially damaging products and prevent discoloration.

Neglecting to Dry the Carpets: Allowing your carpets to remain damp can lead to mould growth and strong odours. Ensure your carpets are completely dry before walking on them or placing the furniture back on top.
By avoiding these common mistakes, you’ll be able to keep your rugs and carpets looking and smelling fresh for years to come.

 What Happens If You Don’t Clean Your Carpet?

When it comes to carpets, a cleaning schedule is crucial. Not only does it preserve the appearance of your flooring, but it also has significant health benefits. If you don’t clean your carpet regularly, it can become a breeding ground for mould, dust mites, and bacteria. These microorganisms can lead to allergies, respiratory problems, and other health issues. In commercial settings such as offices, not cleaning carpets can also lead to poor air quality and an unprofessional appearance. In short, neglecting your carpet can have dire consequences. So, invest in a regular cleaning routine to keep yourself and your surroundings healthy and pristine.


Cleaning your carpets is an essential part of maintaining the overall appearance and hygiene of your home or office space. Regular carpet cleaning will not only help preserve the visual appeal of your carpets, but it can extend their lifespan as well! While regular cleaning is important, an excellent general rule is to plan for deep cleaning carpets by professional carpet cleaners at least two times a year or every six months. No matter how much DIY knowledge you have, hiring a professional carpet cleaner instead can guarantee results that are certain to meet even the most discriminating standards!

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