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The Causes of Unsightly Yellow Stains On Mattresses

What causes a yellow stain on mattress? Yellow spots on mattresses are relatively common, despite their unattractiveness. This is especially true for old mattresses.

There are several causes for mattress yellowing, and even the best mattresses can eventually get tainted by these stains if they are not protected. Let’s examine a few of the most common causes of yellow stains on the mattress:

Body excretions:

The clean yellow stains on our beds may result from normal bodily excretions like sweat and oil. It’s normal for your body to sweat and secrete natural oils every night, regardless of whether or not you get night sweats or live in a scorching region. Although it’s not pleasant to think about it, sweat and oil cause yellow stains and possibly even an odor on your mattress over time. 

It’s essential to remember that we spend a lot of time in bed resting our heads and faces on the mattress, so having a good set of protective mattress covers is a must. Otherwise, the oil and sweat that generally escapes from our skin will seep into the mattress and, once dry, produce yellow mattress stains or sweat stains.

Spots From Urine:

Mattresses are susceptible to urine stains, which can quickly sink into the fabric and leave ugly yellow urine stains that need to be cleaned. If an entire mattress isn’t cleaned promptly after being wet, it might develop mildew, unpleasant odors, and even mites. The bedding should be stripped off and washed if the accident happened recently. A sponge or dry cloth dampened with hot water can remove yellow stains. Apply an enzyme-based cleanser or baking soda (Natural solution) to degrade the urine proteins further, rendering them considerably more manageable to remove. You can also opt for professional mattress cleaning in Vancouver

Chemical Reactions Caused by Natural Oxidation:

Deterioration of your mattress is directly proportional to its age. Your sagging mattress will develop a dingy yellow hue as a result. This deterioration is primarily attributable to oxidation, triggered by contact with oxygen in the air. Oxidation causes yellow stains that can’t be removed by cleaning and have no odor. Any mattress, especially memory foam, will degrade over time due to oxidation. However, storing your mattress in a dry place protected from direct sunshine can reduce the oxidation rate. Airing out a mattress can help get rid of dust mites, but you should do it in a warm, shady place.


Wet or dry mold and mildew thrive in humid environments, so avoid leaving your mattress wet anytime. In addition to being harmful to human health, the yellow stains left by these fungi are unsightly. 

Mold can quickly spread throughout a moist mattress, so it’s essential to dry yours as soon as possible if it gets wet.


If you have a spring mattress, moisture from your body heat and sweat could corrode the coils inside. Compared to other yellow stains, rust stains are darker and more orange. It’s also possible that they have a slight metallic odor.

Spots of yellowing from spilled tea and coffee are easy to spot:

In the morning, having breakfast delivered to your room is the best. The mattress is fine until you spill your coffee on it. Removing the sheets as soon as possible and blotting the liquid are excellent first steps to avoid permanent stains. The discoloration can be removed by dabbing cold water on the affected area and then applying a liberal amount of salt or baking soda. 

You can vacuum it after light rubbing with salt or baking soda and blotting it with a dry towel. Any liquid, including wine, should be cleaned up with this method. You can buy solutions like mattress stain removal in Vancouver. Moreover, you can add hydrogen peroxide to an empty spray bottle to spray on the stained surface. Then, after waiting 15 minutes, brush it softly with an old toothbrush. When you’re done, blot the area dry. Cleaning the area again with the solvent may be necessary if the discoloration remains.

Is a mattress with yellow stains safe to sleep on?

Sleeping on a mattress with yellow stains is not recommended. Though some natural yellowing of a mattress is expected with use and age, it could be hazardous to your health if it also has a foul musty odor or multiple patches of discolored fabric. Your mattress likely is to blame if you’ve been having allergic symptoms like sneezing, coughing, or itching while you sleep. There’s a chance that the mold that grew on the stains is now colonizing your mattress. The bacteria and sweat on your mattress could provide a perfect environment for dust mites. Both of these can bring on a range of allergic reactions, including mild to severe inflammation of the lungs and even asthma attacks. If you can’t get rid of your allergies and the stains on your mattress won’t come out, it’s time to get a new one.

How to prevent yellow stains on a mattress?

A mattress that has become yellow from age is unsightly, but it’s safe to sleep on even if you can’t do anything about it. But here’s what you can do to keep your mattress in good condition and stop it from yellowing from things like accidental spills:

  • Set yourself gentle reminders to clean and air your mattress and pillowcases at least twice a year to keep sweat and oils from seeping deep into the fabric. To that end, change your linens and pillowcases frequently.
  • If you sleep on a mattress without a protective mattress cover, you could get a nasty shock. These can be removed and washed, creating a more robust barrier against liquids penetrating your mattress. Some are watertight, which is excellent if you have young children at home.
  • It’s not a good idea to share your bed with your pet. Once more, this may seem like an excellent idea, but incidents involving pee or worse are possible.
  • If you spill something on your mattress, don’t wait for it to dry before you clean it up. You can buy some of the best cleaning products like mattress stain removal in Richmond.
  • Refrain from having anything to eat or drink before bed. While entertaining, this raises the possibility of messy spills.

What Can I Do to Restore the Original White Color of My Mattress?

The procedures mentioned above should be effective in eliminating the yellowing effect. White vinegar or a stain remover can be used if they fail to do the trick. You can also rent a steam carpet cleaner equipped with an upholstery attachment to clean your mattress if the stain is ancient and difficult to remove. If you are facing major issues while removing the stain, then it’s time to call professional mattress cleaning in Richmond.

What is the most effective mattress stain remover?

To get rid of stains, you can choose from various available products, such as enzyme soaks, etc. Using a fast stain remover pen is the most excellent all-around option when dealing with mattress fabric. Mattresses that still harbor moisture, such as sweat, oil, mold, or urine, turn a sickly yellow tint. The purchase of a powerful stain remover to counteract the yellowing of mattress pads caused by persistent stains is another sensible option.


Some yellow stains can be removed by cleaning solution, but others will remain permanent. A dirty old mattress can only clean so many times before it loses its comfort and durability. A new mattress should be purchased if there are still yellow stains on the old one despite your best efforts at cleaning them. Sleep soundly with the help of a high-quality replacement mattress. 


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