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HVAC or Heating, Ventilation, and Air conditioning are like a respiratory system that breathes in the air from outside and circulates the air inside. A furnace heats the air circulated by your home’s ventilation and hvac system. The furnace is designed to heat and cool the air which later gets distributed in your home via an air duct.

Cactus Carpet care provides the best professional HVAC systems duct cleaning services in vancouver.

Furnace and Duct Cleaning Professionals

Furnace and Duct cleaning involves cleaning many components such as air duct, heat exchanger, condensate drain pan, fan housing and fan motor, grills, and diffusers.

If not cleaned properly these components may end up becoming a hub of contamination.

Furnace and Duct cleaning professionals such as us, clean your furnace and duct with chemicals that will prevent any bacterial growth or dust present to get rid of the root of contamination, providing you a healthy environment to live in and breathe in.

Professional Furnace Cleaning in Vancouver, BC

Furnace and duct cleaning is not an easy task; it may require professional knowledge and technical skills. During the cleaning, you may encounter mold, dust, dead animals, and other forms of contamination which makes the usage of protective clothing extremely important to prevent any such contamination or dust from getting in your airway.

If you are doing it on your own you may end up creating damage to your air duct or furnace, therefore, reducing the airflow and future breakdown of machinery. We advise you to seek professional care and help for such purposes.

Cactus carpet care is the best professional furnace cleaning service and air duct cleaning service provider in vancouver bc. We have served in areas north vancouver and west vancouver.

Benefits of Having Your Air Ducts Cleaned

The air duct is a very crucial and vital component of an HVAC system as it circulates air from your heating and cooling system inside your home, providing you a comfortable temperature throughout the year. Since air ducts use air from outside they can easily accumulate dust particles, debris, pollens, and mold and circulate inside your home if not cleaned properly.

Some benefits of having your air duct cleaned are as follows:

  • Improved Air Quality

Outdoor air consists of dust, pollens, carbon monoxide, and pesticides, which might enter your indoors if the duct and air vent are not cleaned properly. These substances and chemicals may trigger people with allergies, and respiratory problems such as asthma, acute bronchitis, cough, and sneezing.

  • Eliminates odor

If you don’t clean your air duct it might attract insects and rodents which may die and give off an awful smell with the production of bacteria. All of this leads to emitting an awful odor, you can avoid all of this by getting your air duct and air vent cleaned regularly by a professional.

  • Increased efficiency

Having your air duct cleaning on a regular basis may also help increase your HVAC’s unit efficiency as cleaning will remove the debris from the air duct, therefore you won’t face issues like the inefficient flow of conditioned air.

  • Cost-saving

Cleaning your air duct increases the efficiency of your hvac unit, it reduces the energy bill. Also having maintained your hvac system can save you from larger expenses in case of any surprise breakdown, because regular duct maintenance helps you take corrective action in case of any possible issues.

Improve Your Indoor Air Quality

Here are a few ways you can improve the indoor air quality:

  • Replace Air Filter

Keep a check on air filters and regularly change them every 30-60 days. This will make sure that the air pollutants inside your home are trapped and you can breathe clean air. If you have a dirty air filter you may cause harm to the hvac unit as well as the indoor air quality.

  • Clean air duct and air vents

As we explained in the beginning it is really important that you get your air duct and air vent inspected and cleaned once every year for the proper functioning of hvac as well as better indoor air quality.

  • Increase Ventilation

The best and most natural way to increase the quality of your indoor air is by increasing the ventilation in other parts of your home by opening your windows or adding air purifying indoor plants in your home.

  • Safer indoor air quality

Your HVAC unit breathes out carbon monoxide in small amounts, but a crack in your heat exchanger could ease the leakage of carbon monoxide. Carbon monoxide is an odorless, colorless gas that can cause serious respiratory and health problems on inhalation. To avoid such accidents seek a professional to keep a check on your heat exchanger and hvac unit so you have safer indoor air quality.

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